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Migrating birds

Migrating users and settings from Bookonic Legacy Server to Booksonic Air

While I would recommend starting your Booksonic Air fresh I understand that in some cases migrating users might be needed. Just keep in mind that there is a risk this will lead to weird bugs.

1. Stop your Booksonic legacy server

2. Go to C: and rename the Booksonic folder booksonic.old

3. Run the installation described in this blogpost, then open powershell as admin and run the command stop-process -name java
This will shut down you booksonic air server, please keep in mind that it will also shut down any other java process you may have running.

4. Go to c:\booksonic and delete the file and the folder db

5. Go to c:\booksonic.old and copy the file and the folder db to c:\booksonic

6. Rename the file to, do the same with all the files in the db folder

Now you can restart the Air server by rightclicking on start-booksonic.ps1 and selecting Run with powershell

You should now have your old settings and users, if you run in to any problems, you can contact me at [email protected]


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