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How to install Booksonic Air on Windows 10

Booksonic Air is the new and improved Booksonic server, this new version is based on Airsonic meaning a lot of stability issues has been fixed. It also sports an improved webplayer with variable playback speed, something that has been requested ever since the first server was released.

So how do you install it?

While my reccomendation is to install Booksonic Air with Docker installing it directly on Windows is possible as well.

Still want to run Booksonic on Windows? Ok, first you need to download a file called Install-BooksonicOnWindows.ps1

Go to your start menu and search for powershell, rightclick on that and select run as admin. Enter this command


If you get anything other then Bypass back write down what you get and run the following command, if you get Bypass skip to the step “Start internet explorer…”

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass

Once you are done with this guide, come back to this powershell window and run the following command, replace the text MYPOLICY with the text you wrote down earlier

Set-ExecutionPolicy MYPOLICY

Start internet explorer and then close it again, this is an important step due to a function in powershell not working unless internet explorer has been started on the system at least once. I am working on an updated install script where this will hopefully not be needed.

Run the ps1 file with powershell

A ps1 file is a script file that you can run in powershell, similar to how bash works on a Linux machine. Once you have downloaded it all you have to do is right click on the file and select “Run with powershell”.

uac promt to elevate powershell script
You need to select YES here

You will get a popup asking if you want to allow powershell to make changes to your device, select yes on this. If your computer don’t have java installed, the script will download and start the installer for an open source version of java (adopt openJDK) and all you have to do is click next next next etc. Once java is installed Booksonic will continue to install itself.

Booksonic is now installed

When you see this popup it means Booksonic has been installed and is now starting up. Once you click ok a new tab will open in your browser and navigate to your Booksonic server. If you click ok a bit to quickly and the server has not started completely yet you might need to wait a minute or two and then reload the tab.

For instructions on how to use the server please see step 3 and down from the Legacy guide available here, I am currently working on a new and improved guide for this. I am also working on guides for how to install Booksonic on Linux and in the cloud using a cheap VPS from Contabo.

If you are interested in running Booksonic in the cloud I recommend renting a Contabo VPS and installing booksonic there. It starts as low as 3.99 euro for 300GB storage and 4GB ram. If you got a huge library you can get as much as 1.4TB storage for 12.99 euro
Obs, if you click the contabo links and rent a server I will receive a small commision at no extra cost to you, this has not influenced my decision to recommend them in any way, they are what I use personally and what the Booksonic demo is hosted on.


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