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Booksonic in the media

I was recently made aware that a computer magazine had written an article about Booksonic in their holiday edition for 2019. How fun!

This lead me to do some Googling and it turns out this wasn’t the first or last time Booksonic had been featured. So I thought it could be fun to compile a list about when and where this has happened. If you have read about Booksonic somewhere not mentioned or maybe you are even planning to write about Booksonic I would love it if you let me know at [email protected] or in the comments below.

Linux Journal, Issue 281, September 2017

Booksonic won the editors choice award, later on in the magazine there was an article titled “Build your own audible” where a Booksonic server was set up using ironicbadgers docker container. This article was published again on the Linux journal website in January 2018.

Unfortunately Linux Journal has since had to shut down, the good news is that when they did they published all old issues for free on so if you want to read this issue it is available here.

Maximum PC, Holiday Special 2019

This holiday special had a five page article called “Take control of your audiobooks” that is centered around Booksonic. This article was mentioned on the cover.

Linux Format, Issue 259, February 2020

This issue contains an article called “Building an audiobook streaming server” and covers how to set up the Booksonic server. It recommends using the docker container created by but also includes full instructions for how to install it manually using tomcat and openjdk. This article was mentioned on the cover.