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Using a network shared folder in Booksonic

I recently got a  question regarding using a network shared folder in Booksonic so I thought it would be a great idea to show how you can do this.

  1. Press the windows button and R at the same time
  2. Type services.msc and hit enter
  3. Look for the service called Subsonic, rightclick it anc click on properties
  4. Go to Log On and make sure the checkbox for This account is checked then enter the login information for an account that has access to the shared folder.
  5. Hit ok and then rightclick the Subsonic service and restart it.

Now you should be able to use your network share within Booksonic without problems.



Obs, keep in mind that you can’t use a mapped location, you need to use the full path, as an example mine is \\PopeensDataServer\D\Audiobooks or \\\D\Audiobooks


7 thoughts to “Using a network shared folder in Booksonic”

  1. I’ve done this but I still can’t use network drives.

    I’ve made sure that I map my network drive using my credentials I have access to. I can browser the directories but subsonic cannot.

    Any other ideas?

    1. Mapping is not needed, it won’t effect if Booksonic (or Subsonic for that matter) can read it or not.
      As long as you make sure that the service is started by an account that have access to the network drive it should work, if it doesn’t then something else on your system/network is blocking the access and then I’m afraid I can’t hep you.

      Keep in mind that unless you are using a domain controller (you probably aren’t) then you will need to set up an account with the same credentials on your computer thats’s running Booksonic as the account you have on the network drive. This the account that you to run the Booksonic service with.

      Also I wasn’t really clear in the post (updated now) but you can’t use a mapped drive, you need to use the full path, as an example mine is \\PopeensDataServer\D\Audiobooks or \\\D\Audiobooks

      Hope that helps

  2. Maybe it’s my folder structure, but this isn’t working for me. 🙁

    I know Booksonic has access to my network folder, because the Podcast downloader is working. It has added folders, cover.jpg, and podcast mp3 files.

    My Network drive: \\DISKSTATION1\Audio , podcasts are in the “Podcasts” folder, and audiobooks the “Audiobooks” folder.

    I’ve scanned my audiobooks folder a few times. I don’t get the error about “Folder not found” but the system briefly mentions finding 21 files in my audiobooks folder, there are only around 10 books in there, and nothing ever shows up on the main page.

      1. Sorry for a very late reply, I hope you where able to get this working.

        The books need to be in specific folders for each book for it to show up correctly.
        It might also be a problem with the m3a/m4b files being DRM protected, if that’s the case they will not show up in Booksonic.

  3. Same problem here … got the books located on the hard drive …. but nothing from the network shows up.
    I got around the “Folder not found” error by running the services as a specific user, but it will not add any new books. Furthermore, if I copy the books to the local drive they show up after the next scan. Any hints for troubleshooting?

    First I was trying to run this from a Linux VM … but the docker link (ironicbadger) is gone …
    then tried to follow the Luite lessons learned document, but the .war file for tomcat was not running right(FAIL – Application at context path [/booksonic] could not be started) so ended up installing it on a windows laptop just to play with it.

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