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Booksonic server is out of BETA. I celebrate with an app giveaway

Last night I released the first full release of the Booksonic server.Β So whats new in this new Booksonic server? Well check out the changelog

* m4b files are now supported out of the box!
* The server is installed as Booksonic instead ofΒ as Subsonic
* Book descriptions and narrators are shown in the web GUI
* Music only features has been hidden in the web GUI, they are still there and will work fine if you use them in other apps.
* Design tweaks
* Bugfixes
* The API has been updated to show if the server is up to date.

But it’s not only the server that is getting an update, so is the Android app. A few minutes ago I uploaded a new version of it to Google Play and it should be live in a couple of hours is live. Here’s the changelog for that.

* The app will tell you if the server is outdated
* If app is in Swedish it will look at before checking Google Books if the server has no book description
* Added a classic theme to bring back the old Booksonic design
* Design tweaks to drawer (sidebar)
* Sleeptimer will reset the counter if you shake the phone
* Server and account info can optionally be included in import/export
* Bugfixes

To celebrate the first none beta version of Booksonic I have decided to have a giveaway where the 10 first people to comment on this post will get the app for free on Google Play. To get the app you need to enter a valid email when you comment so I have somewhere to contact you, this email will not be published as long as you only enter it in the email field.

As usual if you have any questions/suggestions/bugreports regarding the new versions of Booksonic you are more then welcome to submit them to the issue trackers at GitHub. Here for the server and here for the app, or as a comment on this blog.


No codes left but you can still get the app for only $3 at Google Play


26 thoughts to “Booksonic server is out of BETA. I celebrate with an app giveaway”

    1. Just sent a code to your email.
      At the moment I don’t have any plans for an iOS version. It might happen in the future but honestly I doubt it.

      The good news is that since Booksonic is based on Subsonic you can use any Subsonic app to connect to it. Unfortunately you will loose the Booksonic specific functionality thou.

      I don’t have an iOS device myself so I haven’t tried it but I know AVSub has been used with the Booksonic server and I was told that it worked great.

      That said, I do plan on updating the server to use Subsonic 6 as a base and that means the web GUI will be in html5 and should play fine on iOS.

  1. Booksonic is the most valuable app I have in my phone and I’m very grateful for it, it’s been a great addition to my daily life. My only request would be a feature including a faster reading speed…normally I am able to better enjoy an audiobook at 1.5X. And finally the interface is awesome! Thank you!!!

    1. I’m really happy to hear that so thank you for letting me know!

      Adjustable playback speed will be in the next release πŸ™‚

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